● City delays bike path for Prince of Wales Bridge.

The Ottawa Sun reports that the City of Ottawa has postponed its plans to convert the old Prince of Wales railway bridge into a bicycle path.

The Prince of Wales Bridge crosses the Ottawa River, and is located where the pathway that parallels the O Train meets the Ottawa River pathway. The 135 year old structure hasn’t seen railroad traffic in decades (the last regular passenger train crossed the bridge on November 15, 1981).

The city purchased the old bridge in 2005, and converting it into a bicycle crossing became part of the first phase of the Ottawa Cycling Plan in 2013. This meant that the project was supposed to be competed by 2019. Last February, the city even issued an ad (which was quickly retracted) seeking qualified engineers to begin work on the project. Now it seems that a lack of funding means the project is postponed, perhaps indefinitely.

Click here for the report in the Ottawa Sun about the Prince of Wales Bridge.

Click here for a Goggle map showing the location of the Prince of Wales Bridge.

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1 Comment on ● City delays bike path for Prince of Wales Bridge.

  1. I use that route a lot, but there are constantly dog walkers, particularly one old grumpy SOB that yells at cyclists while walking his dog on the old railway… he’s yelled out ‘use your bell” a few times… normally I just ignore that, but then he’s been getting aggressive… finger goes up.
    The guy sits there and takes up the full path on the old rail way pathway smoking dope… so, just beware of this old grumpy guy from the dog park. He’s a SOB that just likes to raise hell for the sake of being an azz…

    I hope they make it into a bike pathway soon. People just sit there and smoke dope or drink on the bridge, which makes it hard to pass… ignorant most are and some aggressive… I just gotta get from point A to B without mingling with traffic, which can be deadly on the EB eddy bridge esp being they are developing the old domtar lands now. Have to use the other bridge which is farther.

    Thus, this old rail bridge converted to a bike path would ease the commute for sure… nothing sophisticated… just utilizing the existing infrastructure and limiting the dog walkers!!!! they have a tendency to monopolize the bridge (along with drunks and stoners)

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