● May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa – sign up to win $10,000 of prizes.

May is “Bike to Work Month” in Ottawa, and to encourage greater participation, people can sign up and become eligible for a chance to win over $10,000 worth of prizes (which includes 2 bicycles).

As part of Bike to Work Month, there will be a bike repair station in front of City Hall that will provide free tune ups and minor repairs. Basically, a professional bike mechanic will take a look at your brakes, gears, wheels and tires to make sure that you are ready to ride. The bike repair station will be open between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. from May 1 to 23.

In the official kick-off to Bike to Work Month, Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee, said “Take a break from your normal routine and try biking in to work at least one day a week. We have an extensive network of multi-use pathways, cycling lanes, cycle tracks and paved shoulders that connect communities across the city and has made it easier than ever to commute to work by bike. If your commute is a little long for cycling, try riding to your nearest Transitway Station, O-Train Trillium Line Station, or Park and Ride lot and lock your bike up there. Cyclists can Rack & Roll with OC Transpo and load their bike onto the front of one of the 450 buses equipped with a bike rack, including all articulated and double-decker buses.”

If you are thinking about cycling to work for the first time, check out my article entitled “Bicycle Commuting Basics“.

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2 Comments on ● May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa – sign up to win $10,000 of prizes.

  1. what would be cool to have in ottawa
    during peak times (730-900hrs and 1630-1800hrs) is pop up coffee/snack places along (off on the grass not on the pathway)… a chance to meet and greet other cyclists, pick up a map, have a snack and a coffee …
    enabling cycling!

  2. great initiative… need more people out biking to/from work.
    some reasons (1 in a million)
    1) saves cash (gas and parking)
    2) little congestion (love seeing all those bikes out during my commute, gives a sense of – there is some hope for humankind…)
    3) meet some great people ( love meeting other cyclists during my commute in)
    4) save taxes (road congestion is one of the reasons why infrastructure spending is way way up and transportation is one of the top spending costs in ottawa)

    Good to see such an initiative, like other years! need more – enabling people to get out of 3000lbs of metal and into 25lbs of freedom!

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