● ‘Cycling Without Age’ program opens for seniors at the Saint-Louis Residence.

Seniors at the Saint-Louis Residence will now have a chance to go out for a bicycle ride with the opening of a ‘Cycling Without Age’ program in east-end Ottawa. The programs makes use of volunteers who pedal a specially designed rickshaw bicycles that can accommodate two people.

The program allows seniors with mobility issues to enjoy the feeling of getting out for a bicycle ride, getting closer to nature, and seeing what’s happening along the region’s pathways.

The program is being offered as a pilot project by Bruyère Continuing Care’s Saint-Louis Residence in Orléans, which is located right next to a bike path. The program could be expanded to other locations in the city if there’s enough interest and sufficient donations.

Orléans resident Gary Bradshaw brought the Cycling Without Age program to the Ottawa area after he saw it in action in Denmark while on vacation there.

Cycling Without Age is a world wide movement that started in Copenhagen in 2012. It now has 200 chapters in 19 countries around the world (with more in the works).


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1 Comment on ● ‘Cycling Without Age’ program opens for seniors at the Saint-Louis Residence.

  1. need more of this… CBC had a number of documentaries on seniors being paired up with students. The students play music for the seniors





    it keeps them youthful.
    Thus, I could see this program being VERY beneficial in helping seniors. Mental health is so so important, they say around 60% of physical alignments would be reduced with proper mental health care.
    Thus, this initiative could probably do the same. As many seniors lack family, lack initiatives to keep them active, and don’t see many youth.
    Youth have spunk and most are caring and would love to share their time with the aged.
    In other cultures the youth look after the aged. Problems are solved by elders. And, the society works in a synergistic manner.
    In america, we don’t do that very well. We are left to our own devices to survive.
    Thus, this is a great initiative – keeps youth engaged and share their time with the aged. The seniors are kept active and their mind is kept engaged, youthful.

    We also need more programs for teenagers. I see lots and lots of sports programs for kids age 1-12, then things disappear after age 12.
    Kids programs are important yes, but more so are programs for teenagers. Loose a teenager and you loose them for life. Engage a teenager in sports and programs (such as senior programs) and you save them in life… give them hope, meaning, mission, goals etc…

    good to see these programs evolving. Need more! other cultures have them, why doesn’t america, can’t be all about the almighty dollar… its about community, growth, and meaning.

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