● An interesting report about cycling routes in Kanata North.

Last spring groups of cyclists rode five routes into the business park in Kanata North, and recorded their observations, both good and bad. They recently issued a report of their findings and recommendations.

For the most part, they highlighted the expected positive and negative points about cycling in the area. For example, the cyclists were generally happy with the route that runs along Terry Fox Drive, which has a good bike lane, and even a multi-use pathway for part of the way. On the other hand, they were critical of March Road. Although this thoroughfare has a wide bike lane, it is a very busy road with high speed traffic and multiple lanes, and generally, is not very inviting for cyclists.

They also zeroed in on the dangerous situation that exist where Carling Avenue passes under a train bridge. The opening under the bridge is not wide enough for cars and bicycles to pass through at the same time. In order to pass under the bridge, cyclists have to “take the lane”, but this can be difficult to do when traffic on Carling is moving at 80 km/h.

This project is an initiative of EnviroCentre’s Sustain Kanata North, and was designed to assess local cycling infrastructure for people who might like to use their bicycles to commute to work in this section of Kanata. Needless to say, it would be of interest to anyone who cycles in this part of Ottawa. The report itself is an easy to read document with maps, photos, and descriptions of the routes.

This project is similar to the one that was conducted last year by EnviroCentre that looked at various cycling routes throughout the entire city.


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1 Comment on ● An interesting report about cycling routes in Kanata North.

  1. Carling sucks for biking… I used to work out in kanata (high tech) and bike from around Billings Bridge to Kanata every day… Carling is the worst road to bike on.

    Now, on a side note, how about this undertaking – http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/city-to-install-250000-gates-on-prince-of-wales-bridge-to-block-access

    you’d figure by now the city would spend some much needed money on upgrading that bridge to a pedestrain-cycling bridge…nothing fancy. 250k would be a start. Ridiculous that the city is going to spend that much on a mindless fence. Esp when one can enter from the gatineau side or from the waterworks etc… waste of tax dollars that fence is.
    Its time to upgrade that bridge to something useful – pedestrian/cycling bridge… its about time the city gets off its rear end on this one!

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