● What a difference a year makes… (and some Christmas cycling videos).

Remember last year. There was no snow on the ground until well after Christmas. My bicycle club actually organized a ride on December 23rd, and there was a large turnout.

The year before there was some snow in December, but most of it melted by Christmas. I remember going for a long bike ride on bare pavement to Pinhey’s Point on boxing day.

This year, it’s all about cross-country skiing (and shoveling).

Team Sky has released it’s annual Merry-Christmas-cycling video. It’s not their most creative effort. Last year’s video was much better, and the one before that was also interesting. (For those who are unfamiliar with Team Sky, it is probably the most successful professional cycling team in recent years.)

If you’re looking for other Christmas cycling videos, check out this one which shows, without a doubt, the very best way to get a Christmas tree. If you don’t see any joy in climbing up through a bunch of switchbacks, there’s the Rainmaker’s account of his buying a Christmas tree in Paris and cycling home with it on a Vélib.

(For those of you who may be unfamiliar with him, the Rainmaker provides the best and most complete reviews of high tech electronics and gadgets for cycling. He is originally from Seattle, but now lives in Paris.)

If you’re still looking for a Christmas cycling video, how about a large gang of Santa Clauses doing some synchronized cycling on Boris bikes in London.

Have a Joyous Winter Solstice, a Wondrous Christmas, a Happy End-of-Year, and a Merry New Year.


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