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Posted by Terry, Mon Feb 9 2015 at 12:36 pm

RE: Car parking wins over bicycle parking on Wellington Street
Just to set the record straight, number one, the corral was NOT moved because of complaints, it was moved because the BIA said it wasn't being utilized enough & it would be better suited in Somerset Square.

The City decided that because there was less than a month left it would be pointless to move it to a new location & stored it..

As for parking on the side streets goes, why force more cars into the residential part of the community? Would you want more cars on your street looking for parking where your kids play or ride their bikes?

The corral could have been placed in front of Tree Cycles on Claridon, it would have had exposure, it would have been safer (several bikers told us that it stuck so far out on to wellington that you had to hop on the sidewalk to go around it) & we wouldn't have lost another parking spot..

It would make far more sense to encourage shop owners to place bike racks near their place of business..

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