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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Wed May 20 2015 at 8:19 am

Bike Day on the Hill (Bike Day in Canada),  Monday,  May 25, 2015
"Bike Day on the Hill" will he held on Parliament Hill on May 25, and it is one of many events taking place across the country as part of "Bike Day in Canada".

Bike day on the Hill is being spearheaded by MP John Weston, and cyclists of all ages are encouraged to join MPs and Senators on the hill to help advance cycling as a national policy agenda item.  Mr. Weston says "I hope in 10 years, this event looks like Bike Day on the Hill in Washington, DC, when thousands of cyclists congregate in front of the national legislators".

Cyclists are asked to gather on Parliament Hill in front of the Centre Block at 4:30 pm on Monday,  May 25, 2015.

         Speeches & group photo -  4:30 to 4:50pm
         Short interprovincial ride - 4:50 to 5:30pm

There will also be a town hall meeting at 7:00pm in Senate Room 256. People wishing to attend the meeting should RSVP John Weston at  john.weston.a3@parl.gc.ca  or 613-402-5154.

For more about Bike Day on the Hill, go to


Route for short interprovincial ride:

For more about Bike Day in Canada, go to:


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