● November 2017 edition of the city’s e-newsletter about cycling .

The City has released the November 2017 edition of its e-newsletter about cycling around Ottawa. It has updates and information about:

▶ Shefford Road Multi-Use Pathway Completion.

▶ Richmond Road Cycle Track.

▶ The Addition of Paved Shoulders for Certain Rural Cycling Routes.

▶ Halley Street to Harthill Way, Mult-Use Pathway Link.

▶ Winter Travel – Cycling and Carpool.

▶ O’Connor Street Bikeway Survey.

▶ Bruce Timmermans Award Nominations – 2017.

▶ Fall Round-up; Upcoming Consultations and Ongoing Construction.

▶ The O-Train Confederation Line: How will I get through the gate?
      (But nothing specific to bicycles)

People who are not subscribed to the e-newsletter can click here to read it online.


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