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Posted by yoyo, Wed Jun 3 2015 at 12:16 pm

RE: Something for cyclists in new Ontario road legislation
" It would allow cycling on paved shoulders of provincial highways, which is currently disallowed under the act. That would follow an earlier government pledge to pave more of those shoulders."

I like this one though...

In vancouver - one can bike on the transcanada highway.  Its what ever you are comfortable with.

In Peru and other such states, one can bike on the highway.  What ever you are comfortable with.

I once jumped on the 417 around Vars after biking back from Lake Placid (245km bike ride).  I was getting chased by dogs and getting run off the road by pick up trucks on the country roads... so, I said, "if I'm going to get smucked", I might as well go as fast as possible.  So, I jumped on the 417.  Got honked at...
But, it was safer.

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