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Posted by j, Mon Jun 8 2015 at 3:22 pm

RE: Improvements urged for  NCC pathways
I kind of question - how many people get killed on the pathways vs roadways...  I suspect there are way way way more people injured and killed on roadways for there is 3000lbs of metal and over 150hp of power given to each person on a roadway.  Whereas, a bike path, typically has 150lbs of flesh and 25lbs of metal travelling at around 25km/h or so... threat? 
hmmm.....     I agree with more segregated bike lanes downtown as the core doesn't have very many alternative to cyclists.  But, segregated bike and pedestrian lanes outside of the core... hmmm... waste of money in my view.   One needs to look at the injury types and usage rates....
I suspect usage rates to be great in the core and the injury rates pretty minimal.  I've yet to hear of a pedestrian-cyclist collision that actually killed someone.  And, multi cycle pile up.

Yet, every day in our city - we hear of pedestrians, cyclists etc...getting killed by motorists.  To the point were it has almost become the norm. 

I'd focus on that rather than segregated bike-pedestrian lanes... almost foolishness really.  Maybe in a city with 5million people...  but, most people can barely get out of their chair let alone walk in this city... lazy most are.    Maybe 3-5% of people bike and maybe 3% walk.  Usage rates...  injury rates - probably minimal on bike paths.

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