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Posted by patman, Fri Jun 26 2015 at 8:27 am

need more mentor-ship programs
there are lots of formal programs in ottawa for this and that... 
The city has lots of formal programs for arts, sports, etc...

but, I'm kind of questioning if things have become too formal in ottawa.  As though everyone needs a schedule to do something now a days. 

kids just don't jump on their bikes anymore, nor build treeforts, ...

then comes expensive programs for youth.  Ouch, 150 a month or more for some programs and many of times the teachers of these programs haven't dug the ditches (proven their success) to be "qualified" to teach... 

I'm kind of questioning - do we need less formal mentor-ship programs we're people aren't making a  fortune off the next generation of youth?  just like our education system now (ie kids coming out 60k in debt)...  that's the sort of thing that has happened to other nations that have fallen apart, things got so expensive only the elite can afford it.

some things boggle my mind... the lack of mentorship programs is one of them (ie where those that have made it to the top teach the next generation of kids aside from their societal status)

things that make you go - hmmmm....

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