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Posted by jjj, Wed Jul 15 2015 at 3:04 pm

guess they thought...

Toronto Police were called Sunday morning at about 10 a.m. ET about a group of people cycling on the Don Valley Parkway.

When police tracked down the cyclists, officers realized it was the Brazilian cycling team, in uniform, out getting some practice. The team had crossed Eastern Avenue near the Pan Am Games Athletes Village, saw a wide open ramp, and then found themselves heading northbound on the DVP.

The cyclists had been riding on the shoulder, not in the HOV lanes, of the busy highway. Since cyclists are not allowed on the expressway, they were escorted off at Don Mills Road.

---- this is probably normal in Brazil and other countries, riding on the highway.

I've biked most of the carribean islands, cuba, peuto rico etc...
cyclists are allowed anywhere pretty much, except in Barbados - its a nutty island.

the motto is - what ever you are comfortable with... the way it should be.
Rather than empires policing everyone's every move.

In Vancouver, its legal to bike along the main highway to Horseshoe Bay.  Love that ride!
In Peuto Rico, I biked late at night in the dark on the main highway with cars going well over 140km/h.... 
in ontario, if you get caught on the highway, you'll be looking at a police escort...  big brother wants to protect you from yourself which is costly to us all (tax payers).
can't police everyone all the time... costly that would be.

it should be - what ever you feel comfortable with.

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