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Posted by jk, Mon Jul 27 2015 at 8:10 am

RE: The need for  "Complete Streets" (and safer roads for cyclists)
problem is, we are stuck on this cycle:

private sector boom (stocks) then public sector boom (housing) then action plans and bail out (commodities and gold) then cut cut and interest rate hike (this time is different due to peak oil)

1995-2001 private sector boom (stocks) DOT Con era
2001 war (radicals in the middle east)
2002-2008 public sector massive hiring and spending (housing boom)
Oct 2008 market crash (markets typically crash in Oct - why is that?)
2008-2012 bail out and action plans
2013-2016 or so
cuts and interest rate hikes...
- we are seeing cuts to the public sector, health care, social
programs, and education


2016-2020 private sector boom (stock pump and dump)
2021 war in there some place as radicals get more radical (resource depletion - oil)
2022-2031 or so public sector boom (housing)
2028 - 2032 action plans and bail out
2032-2034 or so cut cut and interest rate hikes

so, government spends in chunks.. which means money is there, then it is gone.
So, we get partial infrastructure depending upon what economic cycle we are in.
(can link the above cycle to everything really - human behaviour patterns as well  as the economy impacts human behaviour patterns )

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