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Posted by jj, Mon Jul 27 2015 at 10:56 am

RE: RE: 2015 Capital Velo Fest Tour La Nuit Registration Now Open
same goes for the next generation of athletes... just amazes me what people charge for coaching now a days.  Especially coaches that haven't really dug the ditches (have the education but not much actual digging of the ditches to get the experience...  ie scars to prove it)

amazes me, we need more mentor-ship programs in ottawa. We have some amazing athletes that have dug the ditches, but we need to transpire that knowledge to the next generation of athletes ...

no easy way to setup someone with experience to next generation athlete.
OBC has a youth racing group, but it doesn't extend past age 12... 
teenage years are most critical years for athletes to make it or break it...

need more mentor-ship programs without a hefty price tag.

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