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Posted by none, Wed Aug 12 2015 at 12:16 pm

RE: Reaction to the new "Dooring Zone" on Wellington Street
don't think it will do much,

scenario - person in a rush to get something quickly, they open their door without thinking.  Up comes a cyclist at that same time.  Whammooo...

scenario - person doesn't care about much, just wants their coffee.  no concern in the world, they open their door at the same time a cyclist goes by - whammmmoooo..

sht happens - be aware of surroundings.  Don't daze away, be alert be ready for anything is key.
not to say drivers don't have a responsibility to check, but we as cyclists have to drive defensively all the time.  Anything can happen.  Be aware, be in the now.

All the signs in the world, all the fines in the world and jail time etc... ain't gonna stop stupidity nor ignorance.   Its been happening since the coming of human kind on the planet.  But, now that we put our buttts into 3000lbs of metal, the risks are even greater that something stupid is going to happen with shame and blame.   
Be aware.  Drive defensively is key.

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