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Posted by Michael McGoldrick, Fri Aug 21 2015 at 4:04 pm

Cyclists don't have to stop at all red traffic lights in Paris (and Idaho too)
The City of Paris has introduced new rules which allow cyclists to go through red traffic lights under certain circumstances. Apparently, the rule is part of a series of measures by the city to dramatically increase cycling.

Paris isn't the only jurisdiction that allows cyclists to ride through a red light.

In the States, Idaho has long had legislation which allows cyclists to go through stops signs and red lights. At a stop sign in Idaho, cyclists have to slow down, check if there's traffic, and if it is safe to do so, they can continue on without making a complete stop. At a red light, after coming to a stop and checking to see if  there's traffic, cyclists are allowed to ride through a traffic light even when its red.

These kind of rules simply reflect that the need to regulate bicycles on the road are far different than for large motorized vehicles.

For more about the rule changes in Paris, go to:

For more about the situation in Idaho, go to:


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