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Posted by patman, Mon Aug 24 2015 at 10:02 am

RE: Cyclists don't have to stop at all red traffic lights in Paris (and Idaho too)
never happen here though, laws build empires... we love our monopolies and empires in canada.

stop signs and traffic lights became into existence when the good ol automobile came into existence.  Before that, everything lived in harmony.  The horse and buggy along with bikes lived side by side.
Now, things are getting bigger, consuming more energy and people more brain dead in their ways.  Its a push button society of shame and blame. 
No longer do people need to take responsibility for their lives, we've handed our lives over to technology and government to look after us (esp in America). 
We push a button to make breakfast, we push a button to move our carcass from place to place in 3000lbs of metal.  We shame and blame for we don't want to look at our own problems ... narcissistic like we have become.  Thinking the world around us is perfect.  Yet, we are consuming up huge amounts of resources (right now stealing from the middle east - oil), polluting the planet, and making humans lazy in our ways (push button taking the path of least resistance).
Those on bikes are not rewarded, if anything shamed and blamed.  Which is odd.
Narcissistic like behaviour.

I totally agree that cyclists should do what ever they feel comfortable with.  If that means going through red lights then so be it.  I don't like using the traffic lights, for the majority of incidents occur at intersections.  I'll be the judge of when things are safe and I'll be responsible for crossing.  I don't like holding up traffic, so I'll cross when I feel safe to do so.   
No shame no blame living in the now.

Anyhow, we have become this society of dependent fools really.  We are 7 billion people that all want to live American style - big.  We've gone from this creature that is roughly 150lbs consuming 1200 calories a day (roughly) to this huge animal that requires 3000lbs of metal and over 31000kcal per liter of gasoline.   We're now bigger than the dinosaurs.  Momma nature didn't like them consuming the planet, so she got rid of them in a hurry... 

a 150lb human on a 25lb bike is sustainable.  7 billion people driving 3000lbs of metal is not.  We're killing ourselves quickly in the name of economics... greed really. And, laziness.

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