Top 10 Reasons to go Cycling

Top 10 Reasons to go Cycling

(In no particular order of importance)


Efficient transportation.    Bicycling is the most efficient means of transportation for humans. By comparison, walking requires two and a half times, and automobiles 50 times more energy to cover the same distance.


Save your money.   As you use your bike for more and more of your transportation needs, cycling can save you a pile of money. This will become evident the first time you end up leaving your car sitting in the driveway for a week. The savings in gas money alone can easily total $50 a week, not to mention the reduction in ownership and maintenance costs.


Good for the environment.   No surprise here: cycling produces zero pollution and green house gas emissions. To combat the effects of global warming, we’re all going to have to take personal responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint in the coming years. Cycling is one of the great ways to do this.


Stay healthy, lose weight.   Cycling is a great way to exercise regularly and stay fit all the while doing something that is actually enjoyable and that can save you money. Moreover, if you incorporate cycling into your daily routine (i.e. commute to work and do some touring on weekends), you will start to lose weight without even trying.


Make better use of your time.   Cycling allows you to get double duty out of the time spent getting to work. Your commuting time will also be your exercise time, which is very handy when a tight schedule doesn’t provide time for regular workouts. As an added bonus, you won’t have to waste time sitting in traffic jams on the Queensway.


New challenges and adventures.   Cycling opens up new vacation and adventure opportunities. There are thousands of kilometres of bicycle trails, paths, and routes waiting to be discovered locally and abroad, and organized tours is one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry . You can sign up for bare-bones rides or fully supported, all inclusive tours that are tailor made for your cycling capacity.


Maintain an active lifestyle.   Stay young, be active, meet active people. Cycling will prevent you from morphing into a couch potato, and it will stop aging baby boomers from becoming premature candidates for retirement homes. Being active is contagious; it can lead to kayaking, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, sailing, snow shoeing, hiking, and much more.


Enjoy the great outdoors.   Cycling gets you outside where you can make maximum use of the summer. We have become much too use to the hermetically sealed environments in our air conditioned cars, homes, and offices. On a bike, you’ll be able to smell the orchards, hear the birds sing, enjoy the scenery, feel the wind on your face.


Discover what motorists can’t see.   When cycling, you will be travelling on the type of roads and at a speed where you see and experience city neighbourhoods and the countryside at a much more intimate level. When touring, you’ll come across small villages, trails, little enclaves, or hidden beaches that often go unnoticed from the major highways. In town, you discover those semi-secret restaurants, speciality stores, coffee shops, bakeries, and other establishments that are off the beaten path.


Freedom and good karma.   Cycling promotes freedom and self-sufficiency. You will not be dependent on other people or fuel fed machines to get around. And cycling is good for your karma. Not only will you become a better human being, you will soon be able to overcome adversity, shield yourself from spam, escape the clutches of your evil boss, and leap over tall buildings. Okay, maybe not all this all at once. But you get the idea.