● Montreal recommends Quebec adopt the ‘Idaho stop’ for cyclists.

Quebec is preparing to update its Highway Safety code, and the City of Montreal has officially recommended that the province adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” for cyclists.

The “Idaho stop” allows cyclists to ride through stop signs when it is safe to do so (i.e. treat stop signs like yield signs). It became law in the State of Idaho 33 years ago.

Although the possible rule change would only apply in Quebec, it could have an influence on what happens in Ontario and other neighbouring jurisdictions. It would also change things for local cyclists riding in Gatineau.

Adopting the “Idaho stop” is one of 20 recommendations about cycling that Montreal forwarded to the Quebec Government. Other interesting recommendations include the one metre rule for vehicles passing a cyclist (already in effect in Ontario) and requirements for lateral truck guards and other protections for trucks to better detect cyclists.

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