● More silly anti bike lane arguments.

There always seems to be a group of people who are opposed to bike lanes no matter what. In the US, anti-bike lane arguments appear to have reached new heights in silliness.

In one case, a church in Washington, D.C. is arguing that a bike lane would infringe upon its constitutional ‘rights of religious freedom’. (Click here for the report in the Washington Post.)

In another case, some residents of Coronado, California, put forward a series of weird arguments about the painted lines used to demarcate bike lanes. They actually claim that the painted lines are a form of graffiti and ‘stripe pollution’ that can induce a dizzying type of vertigo. One women went so far as to say that painting lines on the road is the equivalent to having her three daughters tattooed from head to toe. (Click here for a local news report about their arguments.)

If you think that such ridiculous argument are limited to the States, remember that last year the owner of Saslove’s Meat Market on Wellington St (near Westboro) went to the media complaining that a bike corral was hurting his business. The bike corral took up exactly ONE parking space, but could accommodate up to 12 bicycles.

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