● Extended routes and longer hours being considered for the NCC’s Sunday Bikedays.

It seems that the NCC is thinking about expanding its popular Sunday Bikedays program as part of a 10-year strategic plan. According to an article in The Ottawa Citizen, this could result in more routes, more services, and longer hours for the Sunday Bikedays.

For anyone who may be unfamiliar with it, over 50 kilometres of parkways in Ottawa and nearby Gatineau Park are closed to motorized traffic and reserved for cyclists, in-line skaters, runners, and pedestrians as part of Sunday Bikedays. This happens every Sunday morning throughout the summer. Alcatel-Lucent is the current sponsor of the program, so the event is officially known as Alcatel-Lucent Sunday Bikedays.

It is interesting to note that while the NCC started Sunday Bikedays in 1970, it appears that Bogotá, Colombia, gets all the credit for kicking off the concept when it started holding such events on a very limited number of its streets in 1976 (it greatly expanded the scale of these events in 1995). Bogotá calls these events “Ciclovías” (“bike path” in Spanish). As a result, cities all over the world are now holding “Ciclovías”.

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  1. Good to hear… we need more of this… along with bike races for all categories (kids races, teenager races, adult first timers, pro racers etc…)

    ottawa should be known for its cycling, getting there…
    we’re lucky people fight for these causes, more cycling paths, cycling days etc…

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