● Norway to spend $1.25 billion on bicycle highways to fight emissions.

CityLab is reporting that Norway will spend 8 billion Kroner ($1.25 billion Canadian) on bike highways to help fight emissions in its transportation sector. The money will be used to build broad two-lane bicycle tracks linking the inner cities and outer suburbs in nine of Norway’s largest cities.

If this is true, it provides an excellent example of what Canada should be doing to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. As I said in an earlier posting, the amount Canada will spend on cycling could be a litmus test on how serious we are about reducing carbon emissions.

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  1. don’t think we’ll ever see that kind of money being spent in canada though, too ass backwards here… we will see this type of money being spent on beer in a day though, or roadwork in a week though, or handouts in a week though… but, cycling, nah… won’t happen here. Too many lazy people cause they can be. In Norway, Sweden, Germany they have to change due to the population density, low area of urbanization, and the costs of transportation etc… in canada, we are a vast land with low population count and countless bailouts but vast debt. Debt will bite us soon and when it does people will change (pain greater than fear). Till that time, don’t count on it. People are in lazy mode.

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