● “Coal rollers” attack Ottawa cyclists with diesel fumes.

If you have ever been enveloped by a thick cloud of diesel exhaust from a passing truck while riding on a quiet country road, it may not be coincidence. Apparently, there are anti-environmental pickup drivers who rig their trucks to belch out a cloud of black soot at the flick of a switch. They are called “coal rollers”, and their favourite targets are pedestrians, cyclists, and hybrid cars.

CBC has a report about how a group of 19 cyclists from Ottawa were attacked by one or more coal rollers during a recent ride through Vermont. One of the cyclists complained to the police, but local law enforcement officials were not very interested.

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  1. I take it this is pretty rare… go ride in some developing nations, every truck spews out a cloud of sht… its common in many developing countries.
    go ride in cuba, for example – I nearly got run down in cuba by a huge transport… even costa rica.. and, some of the carribean islands. Its common in those countries.

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