● Ottawa using a golf cart to track bike path conditions.

The City of Ottawa is using a specially modified golf cart to track the conditions of its local bike paths. According to a CBC report, the cart has a GPS sensor and a front mounted camera that automatically takes a photo every 10 metres.

So far the cart has found that most of the city’s paths are in fairly good condition, but there are some problems areas such as a section of pathway near Centrepointe. The cart’s findings are suppose to be published in the city’s report on the state of its assets.

Apparently, Ottawa and Mississauga are the only two municipalities using such a cart.


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1 Comment on ● Ottawa using a golf cart to track bike path conditions.

  1. wouldn’t it be much easier just to use crowd sourcing?
    the people that use the bike network would graciously provide input if given a map based interface with the ability to add points. Such things as:
    1) hazardous intersections could be added
    2) rough terrain and cracks in the pavement
    3) contention points (ie high traffic areas, tight corners etc..)

    I’d have to say, they should redo the pathway along carling near the sailing club.

    And, what about the new funding received by the feds, is that going to go into the PoWhales bridge – pedestrian/cycling bridge. Damn buggers are going to build another wall. People will just tear it down or thugs will just jump over the fence causing further destruction of this historical bridge… when they could spend a bit of money to fix it up for all to use… instead, they will abandon it..

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