● Gatineau Park now closed to motorists for the season.

I was cycling in the Gatineau hills yesterday and saw that the parkways in the Gatineau Park are now closed to motorists for the season. This means we can get a month to a month and a half to enjoy the car-free roads in the park before they become cross-country ski trails.

The closure is also a reminder for people who cross-country ski in the park that it’s time to get your season pass. You can save $30 off an adult season pass if you buy it before Nov 15, 2016. You can save another 15% if you purchase the pass before this date as part of a group of 25 or more (such as a ski club).

If you are not a member of an established group or ski club, no problem. You can still get the extra 15% saving by purchasing the pass through a group setup at the Trailhead Store.

Note: the deadline for buying a season pass at a discount is now a month earlier than it used to be. For years it was possible to get the discount until mid-December. This year the deadline is November 15, 2016.


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  1. next up – the time change in a week or so… not looking forward to that, they say its the worst time of year for pedestrians and cyclists to get hit. Should leave the time as it is now. Just think of the energy being used between 4-6pm, the safety hazards, the shorter days… just doesn’t make sense anymore…

  2. good to see! finally.

    I was off on the trails, and people were pretty much having picnics on the trails, wtf! Cops at every parking lot, what a waste of tax dollars. Wouldn’t be that bad if it was US tourists, but all the license plates I saw were from Ontario mostly.
    Then comes the street I live on, just off Gamelin. It gets packed this time of year with leafers ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tlNJmjuKD4 ), thus making it difficult for the locals…

    I’d say shut down the gats at the end of Sept.
    Its nice seeing people get out of their automobubble and into nature. Its not nice seeing all the honking frenzy, the road rage, impatient fools to see dead leaves …
    I don’t know why more people don’t complain about this.
    There is 1001 reasons to close the gats early, one being the wasted fuel alone (while we hold a gun to the saudis heads to keep oil low meanwhile they suffer in war), another seeing all that traffic and policing it (tax dollars pay for that foolishness), and can’t really enjoy the gats with all that strain and stress of the masses… its foolishness at its best!

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