● Province wants input on how to invest $150 to $225 million to improve cycling in Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is currently seeking public input on proposals to improve cycling networks and facilities as part of the province’s Climate Change Action Plan.

Apparently, the Climate Change Action Plan foresees an investment of $150 to $225 million from cap and trade proceeds to promote and support cycling in Ontario.

The Ministry of Transportation is proposing to do this by (1) helping municipalities build more cycling infrastructure in urban areas, (2) doing more to overcome provincial barriers to cycling (such as highways and bridges), and (3) improving bicycle parking facilities.

To encourage input on its proposals, the ministry has released a public discussion paper that poses a number of questions. These centre around what infrastructure would make commuter cycling safer and more convenient, both locally and on provincial highways. The paper also asks what types of bicycle parking (bike racks, lockers, fee-based enclosures) are needed to support cycling, and what type of private facilities could be eligible to receive funding to provide bicycle parking.

There is an online form for providing public input on the various proposals and questions. The deadline for doing so is November 30, 2016.


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