● November 2016 edition of the city’s e-newsletter about cycling in Ottawa .

The City has released the November 2016 edition of its e-newsletter about cycling around Ottawa. It has updates and information about:

► The opening of the O’Connor Street Bikeway;

► Somerset Street East Advisory Bike Lanes;

► Cyrville Road Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements;

► Construction projects on Main Street and Mackenzie Avenue;
     (which will provide raised cycle tracks)

► Beechwood Avenue Bike Lanes;

► Seasonal Cyclo-Zone Delineators;
     (flexible plastic posts which are removed in winter for snow clearing)

► Queen Elizabeth Driveway Crossing Enhancements;

► Pedal Play Mobile Bike Rodeo;
     (a 9-km route that teaches children safe cycling practices)

► Winter Cycling Network for 2016/2017.
     (Snow removal on 40km of cycling facilities)

People who are not subscribed to the e-newsletter can click here to read it online.


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