● Maybe you should join a bicycle club? – a new article on the GoBiking website.

Bicycle clubs are a great way to be part of a network of cycling friends, and to have a group to socialize with during or after a ride. Being a member also means you’ll benefit from the collective knowledge of a club. For example, you’ll discover new cycling destinations, alternate (and often better) routes for getting around, as well as interesting places to stop for a rest or a bite to eat.

Most clubs offer regular group rides for various cycling abilities. This includes long fast pace rides for individuals who are looking to do some training on their bikes, and slow leisurely rides for people who simply want to enjoy an outdoor outing with a group of friends.

Having a regular series of group rides to participate in often helps motivate people to do more cycling. Moreover, riding with a group of friendly faces can also be a confidence builder for people who are just starting to think of spending more time on their bicycles.

To sort out the ins-and-outs of joining a bicycle club, I have posted an article on the subject on the GoBiking website. It also includes a short description of various bike clubs in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, and provides some information about riding in a group.


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  1. not in ottawa though, its too clicky in ottawa. Its a government town eh… find a good group of friends and just head out. Or even better, just get out there! no need for this formal organization scheme (can’t believe kids have play dates now a days, what ever happened to just going outside finding a gang of kids and building tree forts etc… guess we are an over policed nation now… just this morning I was out biking on rock hard ice and someone gave me crap for being on my bike… wtf… its ice I said… its an over policed over structured nation now…). Just get out and bike… non structured, just enjoy being out on your ride being independent from oil and mechanical laziness… be free, ride your bike! that’s what is key in life… true freedom is biking…

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