● CfCS’s 2017 Report for Ottawa – get the rundown on cycling in the region.

The advocacy group Citizen for Safe Cycling (CfSC) has just released its 2017 annual report on cycling in the Ottawa area. Their report always makes for interesting reading. It has all sorts of tidbits of information and provides a great snapshot of the state of cycling in the region.

In addition to various statistics and graphs, this year’s edition has information about bike tourism in Ottawa, riding with cargo, cycling outside the downtown core, and a progress report on issues facing cyclists in Ottawa over the past 5 years. The document also gives a breakdown of the approximately $60 million in the city’s 2017 budget for cycling related projects, and lists the top 10 recommendations for the coming year (such as clearing the snow off NCC pathways in early spring to make it easier for people to start using them as soon as possible).

CfCS also has a webpage with the necessary links for people who would like to peruse previous issues of their annual reports.


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