● Bicycle repair stations keep popping up all over Ottawa.

Over the past couple of years Ottawa has been installing outdoor bike repair stations throughout the city. These free-to-use, publically-accessible repair stations can be found at central locations or along pathways or other routes that attract a lot of cycling traffic.

These stations usually consist of a makeshift repair stand and various tools that are permanently attached to the stand with a thin cable. The tools often include a variety of hex keys, a philips screwdriver, tire levers, some cone wrenches, and a pedal wrench. The stations also have a good air pump that can be used with both Presta (smaller) and Schrader (larger) valves.

These stations generally have everything necessary to make minor repairs and adjustments such as changing the height of the seat or tightening the handlebars. They will certain make repairing a flat tire easier, although you’ll still have to bring your own tube or patch & glue kit.

The first repair station was installed a few years ago downtown at the Ottawa City Hall. Since then so many of gone up that they are starting to become a common sight along some of Ottawa’s busier cycling routes. Earlier this year I noticed a new one next to the pathway behind the Nepean Library. More recently, a repair station popped up in Stittsville next to the Trans Canada Trail.

Click here for a map with the location of the bike repair stations in Ottawa.


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