● Cyclist detection system to make the O’Connor bike lane safer.

A cyclist detection system has been installed on the O’Connor bike lane at the corner of Waverley Street to help warn motorists when a cyclist is approaching the intersection..

A motion camera is used to detect a cyclist approaching the intersection, and the system then activates a series of LED lights on posts next to the bike lane to alert motorists of the presence of the cyclist.

The Ottawa Police has even released a video on YouTube showing how the system works, and what motorists can expect to see when the system detects a cyclist on the bike lane.

The system should help make things safer because some motorists still don’t keep an eye out for cyclists on the bike lane when turning off O’Connor Street. In fact, the O’Connor bike lane was the subject of three collisions during its first two weeks of operation when it open a year ago. The bike lane was installed to provide a much needed north-south corridor for cyclists heading into the downtown area.


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