● Ottawa staff using helmets with turning signals and brake lights.

Ottawa staff and some city councillors are testing out a new bicycle helmet that incorporates lights, including turning signals and brake lights.

In addition to having regular lights for night time riding, there are also brake and signals lights on the back of the helmet. The signal lights are activated by a remote switch on the handlebars, but the brake light comes on automatically when the helmet senses that the cyclist is decelerating. The helmet’s battery is rechargeable with a micro USB connection.

These helmets began as a Kickstarter project by two engineering students in Boston. They are being sold by Lumos Helmets, and can be pre-ordered for $149 US (approximately $199 Canadian).

The City of Ottawa ordered 12 of these helmets before they became available to the public, and are now testing them out with 7 staff and 5 councillors. Although Lumos is currently in discussion with other cities, Ottawa is the first one to test out these helmets.


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  1. I am not sure how useful a helmet with signal lights will be.
    I use a rear view mirror and constantly check behind me for cars which means I turn my head covering 360 degrees when possible. This means the helmet signal lights will turn as well making them ineffective

  2. that’s just odd… seems like a make work project in some regards.

    The general rule to follow – anything 180 degrees in front of you is your responsibility.
    Thus, expect anything from anyone. Driving defensively and offensively is a must.
    Having to look after gears, and looking out for traffic ahead takes a lot of concentration. Add in looking after a dashboard of signals and lights etc…will just confuse the matter. That’s like license plates, just a method to collect more money…

    it comes down to duty of care really. Drivers in 3000+ lbs of metal owe a huge duty of care to others. As cyclists and pedestrians, the best we can do is look after everything 180 degree in front of us. Can’t really control anything 180 degrees behind us… that’s up to those of behind us to be in control of their metal skeletal structure… only so much one can control. Beware of the 5% of the population that just doesn’t give a damn though, the donald trumps of the world – they will run you down then blame/shame everyone else for their actions. That’s who yah really gotta becareful of out there. Hard to control everything.
    Thus, a helmet with signal lights won’t do much I suspect.

    I’ve been hit 3 times, each time the driver ran into me – U turned into me, turned left into me, and cut me off at an intersection. Each time, the driver ripped up their ticket (proof of fault in their regards) in front of me… its those people you have to be aware of out there…

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