● NCC seeks input about improving bicycle lanes on the Portage Bridge with an online survey.

The National Capital Commission (NCC) is inviting cyclists to complete an online survey about proposals they are contemplating for improving bicycle lanes on the Portage Bridge. People have until February 1, 2018, to complete the survey.

Basically, the survey is asking if cyclists would prefer to (1) have the current bidirectional (two-way) bicycle lanes on the bridge widened, or (2) have slightly narrower bidirectional bicycle lanes, but with a physical barrier between cyclists and traffic, or (3) separate southbound and northbound bicycle lanes on each side of the bridge.

It is interesting to note that since they started counting in 2012, over 300,000 cyclists cross the Portage Bridge every year, and that the number of cyclists has increased by 4 % each year since 2014 . During the morning and afternoon rush hours, over 400 cyclists use the bridge per hour.

Construction work to improve the bridge is scheduled to begin next summer.

Click here to complete the online survey.


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