● This should help promote winter cycling in Canada.

It’s a photo of the Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, taking one of her children to school on a bicycle in the middle of winter on a snow covered road. The photo has been circulating on twitter.


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  1. That’s probably a first… Can’t see others doing that… But the salt though…ouch!
    I’m currently I Central America.. Every yahoo drives crazy down here yet they don’t really have to,yet gas and cars are so cheap and debt so easy to get at… So why stop the fun…thus might not make a world of difference until the spin greater than fear then people change.. Till then why bother if gas is dirt cheap …cheaper than water…yet takes millions of years to produce it… Debt easy to get at until the creditors come calling – china?….
    Till then lazy and lax ways won’t change for the most part… Etched in us at a young age…

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